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Sifu Tom Lugo received the Master of Martial Arts Award for ‘Outstanding Master of the Martial

Sifu Tom Lugo received the Master of Martial Arts Award for ‘Outstanding Master of the Martial Arts’ at the Chinese Kung Fu & Karate Expo 8 and Masters Awards . Blue Phoenix Entertainment,LLC.’s Master Paul Cheng, Sifu Robert Samuels, Sifu Vincent Lyn, Master Clayton Prince, Sensei Eliza (Lugiase Skittles), Master Joy Green also received awards for their contributions to Martial Arts. A big thank you to Sifu Cliff for putting the event together. So many legendary and up & coming Martial Artists from all over the world were showing support through friendship. Until we all meet again, much success and many blessings!

Actor and Ling Gar Lineage holder Sifu Vincent Lyn, Sifu Tom Lugo, Master Clayton Prince 

Master Clayton Prince, Master Paul Cheng, Integrated Kung Fu Academy Student Mary LeMieux-Fillery, Integrated Kung Fu Academy Student Marlon McGraw, Sifu Robert Samuels, Sifu Kareem Pearson, Sifu Tom Lugo

Actor and Hung Gar lineage holder Grand Master Chui Chi Ling and Sifu Tom Lugo

Blue Phoenix Entertainment,LLC. rocks the Chinese Kung Fu and Karate Expo 8. So proud of my team!!! — with Wing Chun Expert Master Joy Greene, Actor and Ling Gar Master SifuVincent Lyn, MasterPaul Cheng, Actor, Director and Hung Gar Master Sifu Robert Samuels, Zonghe Quanfa Master Sifu Tom Lugo,  Actor, Director, and Karate Expert Master Clayton Prince,  and Sensei Eliza Greene

Sifu Tom Lugo Demo

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