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Sifu Tom Lugo Snake Jian Set 蛇劍 – (Zhongue Quanfa Kung Fu 综 合 拳 法 功 夫)

Sifu Tom Lugo Shé jiàn Set 蛇劍  – (Zhongue Quanfa Kung Fu 综 合 拳 法 功 夫)  Music by: Sifu Tom Lugo Integrated Kung Fu Academy. Lose weight, gain strength, build confidence… then come in and join us!!! You’ll have fun, learn new skills, and make new friends! We teach KUNG FU-KICKBOXING-MMA in Media, PA (Delaware County.

Mission The emphasis of Integrated Kung Fu &amp; Kickboxing is to create a positive le arning environment for students to develop their mind and body. The physical training is designed to improve the body’s strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination, and control. The mental aspects will help develop patience, focus, concentration, and will-power. We offer on-going Kung Fu, MMA, Grappling/Wrestling, Kickboxing, Cardio-Kickboxing, and Children’s Kung Fu classes in  Delaware County Pennsylvania.</p&gt;

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