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Philadelphia Area entertainment company, Blue Phoenix Entertainment, need your help!

Blue Phoenix Entertainment is a Philadelphia Area entertainment company. Their goal is to highlight the talents of local artists in film, television, and online media.

Blue Phoenix is comprised of Philadelphia, Delaware County, and surrounding area locals; a renown hot bed of talented artists, some who have gone to work in Hollywood, Broadway, Television, and much more. The Blue Phoenix team includes directors, producers, writers, actors, cameramen, stunt actors, musicians, make-up artists, and more who believe in the vision of making the area a premier film hub in the Northeast of the United States.

The company is currently accepting donations to fund an action demo/movie trailer that will showcase their action direction, fight choreography, stunt coordination, and cinematography skills. This trailer will become part of Blue Phoenix Entertainment’s portfolio and it will enable them to market themselves in a professional manner and help them obtain opportunities to produce major studio projects.

Their first priority is to begin filming the trailer during the summer of 2014, finish editing and have it published by November 2014.

You can be part of the entertainment revolution by donating as much, or as little, as you can and make this vision a reality!

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