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Shifu Tom Lugo- USMAO: stretching, Qigong, and fighting strategies

The first Universal Systems of Martial Arts Organization training session was held Sunday February 16, 2020 at MBMA Karate 3413 Edgmont Ave, Brookhaven, PA 19015. Master Mark Baker lead the session on fighting/striking strategies with the assistance of Master Paul Cheng, Master Alan Shen L Cheung, and Sifu Tom Lugo Sifu Tom Lugo started the training session with a stretching routine to apply to your daily exercise routine followed by an introduction to Qigong: Qigong, qi gong, chi kung, or chi gung (simplified Chinese: 气功; traditional Chinese: 氣功; pinyin: qìgōng; Wade–Giles: ch‘i kung; literally: ‘life-energy cultivation’) is a centuries-old system of coordinated body-posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial-arts training. Qigong practice typically involves moving meditation, coordinating slow-flowing movement, deep rhythmic breathing, and a calm meditative state of mind. We thank Master Mark Baker and Master Maryann Gibson for hosting. Thank you to all of the members that attended and the new members that joined the organization. Thank you to those who gave us some suggestions for topics to cover in the next sessions.

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