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Sifu Tom Lugo ( Integrated Kung Fu Academy and Blue Phoenix Entertainment,LLC. ) was inducted to the

I had one of the best weekends of my life. I am truly humbled and blessed to have had such a wonderful experience. I would like to thank all of the attendees because the spirit of martial arts brotherhood shined through. I have never met such a great group of humble and kindhearted individuals under one roof. From the grand masters, the masters, organizers, the vendors, to the celebrities that participated. It was a true honor to be honored by such a great group; my peers and friends. I would like to thank my team, Blue Phoenix Entertainment ( Kaloni Davis, Robert Jefferson, Clayton Prince, Jayson Soto, Jose Roman, April Elizabǝth Dǝminiǝ, Jillian Santacroce, Lugiase Skittles, Josh Cheng, Wesley Green)I am truly blessed to be part of the family! Master Paul Cheng thank you for the encouragement, mentorship, and support. Sifu Robert Samuels I am proud to call you my sifu, thank you for the guidance and the friendship. Thank you to Master Alan Goldberg for taking on such an undertaking and making this event happen, and of course for inviting me to participate. Thank you James B. Jefferson of global Proving Ground for asking to help out with the Renzo Gracie BJJ Tournament. To all of the inductees, congratulations! It great to to spend time with Master Don Wilson, Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, Master Bill Wallace, Master Cynthia Rothrock, Master Eric Lee, Master Jason Lau, Master Stephen Stephen K. Hayes, Master Ron van Clief, Master Mike Andrus, UFC Champion Dan Severn, Master Art Camacho, Hank Garrett, Sifu Cliff, Marissa Jade,Sifu W. Kareem Pearson, Martin Kove, and all of the other I am forgetting to mention for being some of the best people you’ll get to spend time with. Of course I have to thank my student Marlon McGraw and his lovely wife Kim for sharing in on the experience.- Tom Lugo

More pictures of the events

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