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You may not be interested in clinching, but clinching might be interested in you!

Today, most Chinese martial artists are stuck in the kicking and punching phase. Despite how frequently they use the word “kickboxing” in derision, as an insult, that is in fact what they are doing; and doing it rather poorly for the most part! “Oh, but in a real fight I don’t want to grapple / clinch / wrestle” they will tell you… But can they really avoid this phase of combat?

Have you ever watched a professional boxing match? Did you realize that the clinch is actually illegal? Yet it seems to be unavoidable. Then watch a Lei Tai, San Da or Muay Thai match, where the clinch and wrestling is legal, and see who those who have developed these skills dominate. Or, even those who have the skill to ESCAPE the clinch may be successfully, note how they had to DEVELOP the skills to escape! How do you develop…

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