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Sifu Tom Lugo & The Blue Phoenix team @ the Urban Action Showcase

Urban Action Showcase 2014 Expo and Film Festival put together by Demetrius Angelo was fun. Props to go out to Jayson Soto and Jose Roman for the nomination for best short The Chase. Kaloni Davis and Robert Jefferson for their nominations for short film Last Days Reloaded. I got to meet some many film makers, directors, actors, etc. all striving to push forward the independent action films. I had the honor to see old friends and making new ones. Thank you for a great day! -SifuTom Lugo

Tom Lugo and Hung Gar Sifu and film producer Ewart Chin

Actor Michael Woods and Tom Lugo Michael Woods is known for his work on Blade II (2002), In the Line of Duty 4 (1989) and Tiger Cage 2 (1990).

Actor and Choy Lay Fut Master Kenny Chin and Tom Lugo

Tom Lugo, Jose Figueroa, Shaolin Monk Grandmaster Guolin , Master Ren GuangYi , and the producer FINAL WEAPON FEATURE FILM Powered by the music of Lou Reed and enthusiasts in the community, now you can help bring a feature-length version of the film to fruition.

Tom Lugo and Actor and Martial arts expert TJ Storm

American columnist, author and comic book writer Ric Meyers and Tom Lugo

Clips from the movie Last Days Reloaded on the BIG Screen- Sifu Tom Lugo on the right

Clips from the movier Last Days on the BIG Screen – Sifu Tom Lugo on the left

For more pictures of the event follow this link

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