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Sifu Tom Lugo of Integrated Kung Fu Academy in Media, PA is being featured in the MARTIALIST Documen

Sifu Tom Lugo and his school Integrated Kung Fu Academy in Media, PA are featured in the MARTIALIST Documentary This movie is featuring some of the living Masters of the Martial Arts.

DVD Available in 2015!

Sifu Tom Lugo and his student Marlon McGraw

Sifu Tom Lugo being interviewed for the documentary

Sifu Tom Lugo with Wing Chun Master and producer of the Martialist Documentary Sifu Cliff Kepper

Behind the scenes- Sifu Clif and DPTV Videographer Douglas Wilburn!

Soke Michael Kariim Ratcliff, Master, Greg Dziewonski, and Sifu Tom Lugo executing a techniques for the Martialist Documentary

Sifu Tom Lugo Kwan Dao demonstration

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