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IKFA MMA Training- Striking, Trips, Take-Downs, Grappling in Delco PA

Sifu Tom Lugo (Zhongue Quanfa Kuyng Fu) , Sifu Martin Fransham (Wutang Montreal- Canada), Assistant Instructor Adrian Lugo (Zhongue Quanfa Kuyng Fu, Upper Darby HS Royals Wrestling) teaching students striking, tripping, take-downs, and grappling… just some random clips from 102712!

Integrated Kung Fu Academy We offer on-going Kung Fu, MMA, Grappling/Wrestling, Kickboxing, Cardio-Kickboxing, and Children’s Kung Fu classes in Delaware County Pennsylvania.

We are located UUCDC 145 W. Rose Tree Road Media, PA 19036

Come in and try it out and then decide if you would like to continue, first lesson if FREE.

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